Chapter 11

A short film by Ania Winiarska

Anita faces change on many levels. The turn from childhood to adolescence, from being a professional BMX rider to becoming a role-model for younger talents. This is a film about growing up and the choices that one must make.

Sport kids
With Kids, For Kids. Sport Kids is a nordic collaboration with Story, Sweden, Final Cut for Real, Denmark and Sant & Usant, Norway; each of the six films is taking place in a different country, featuring a new kid and their relation to sport, family and friends. Using sport as a vehicle to tell universal stories engaging kids in their own environment with storytelling on their own terms. We hope that these films will strengthen their sense of community and solidarity with other children and their interest and engagement in the world around them.

Production facts:

English title: Chapter 11 (sv.title: Kapitel 11)
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 28min 30 sec
International Release: Fall 2015
Languages: Xhosa, English
Director: Ania Winiarska
Producer: Malin Hüber
Executive Producer: Tobias Janson
Co-Producers: Monica Hellstrøm, Final Cut for Real, Anita Rehoff Larsen, Sant&Usant, Nadine Pellet-Zwick, ARTE G.E.I.E
Editor: Britta Norell
Sound Design: Jan Alvermark
Music: Love Martinsen & David Engellau
Graphics: Jacob Frössén
Supported By: Swedish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Swedish Arts Grants Committe
In association with: DR Ultra, NRK Super
Production company: Story AB       
Contact : Malin Hüber
Cell: +46 708 60 64 11

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