Lucky One

A feature film by Mia Engberg

Vincent works long nights in Paris’s underworld. He has long since stopped dreaming of another life, but when he unexpectedly becomes responsible for his teenage daughter, Adina, his existence gains a new light. He has never taken care of a child before, and he is torn between the destructive tasks he is forced to perform at night and the desire to be a good father. One day something happens that makes this precarious situation come to a head.

The film is a poetic meditation on how love and violence can exist within the same person. It is a story of Vincent but also a story of our current moment, where Vincent could be you or me.

Göteborg International Film Festival 2019
CPH:DOX 2019

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Production facts:

Year of production: 2017
Language: French/Swedish/English
Length: 76 min
Director: Mia Engberg
Original title: Lucky One 
Director: Mia Engberg 
Screenplay: Mia Engberg 
Producers: Tobias Jansson / Story 
Director of Photography: Daniel Takács 
Editor: Mia Engberg, Neil Wigardt 
Original music: Michel Wenzer 
Cast: Olivier Loustau, Lorette Nyssen, Diana Rudychenko, Bruno La Brasca

In association with: Hege Dehli / Mechanix Film, Miia Haavisto / Helsinkifilmi, Tomas Eskilsson & Katarina Krave / Film i Väst 
With support from: Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, YLE 

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