Am I Black Enough For You with HRH Billy Paul

A feature film by Göran Hugo Olsson


– That one thing I told you Göran, why do you do so much work? Sometimes why did I do that song ? Because every song I do has a meaning. Mrs. Jones had a real meaning because there was a Mrs. Jones, and haven’t even told you the story about Mrs. Jones. 
– Please do. 
– My wife is not Mrs. Jones. And she says one thing don’t call me Mrs. Jones because I’m no Mrs. Jones! And we get into that later on… Mohammed Ali introduce me to her, I leave it to that. Me and my wife had broken up and I went to Louisville, Kentucky, and he was waiting for me at the airport, and I was is distress because I didn’t want to break up with my wife at that time, but he said take the night of I’m going to introduce you somebody. And so the story started to happened, and I also got picked up in pieces as we moved along. I knew you where gonna ask me that question, it’s so funny because when I started to sing that song I didn’t know everybody had a Mrs. Jones. The hole world had a Mrs. Jones.

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Production facts:

Interviews, camera and sound
Göran Hugo Olsson Johanna Olofsson Jenny Örnborn
Schnittmeister Anders Refn
Editing Göran Hugo Olsson 
Mia Engberg Dina Jonsäter
Art Director Stefanis Malmsten
Research Katarina Wåhlberg
Sound Design Esa Nissi/Klaffi
Additional Sound Åsa Jacobsson
Sound Mix Meguru Film Sound

Production Assistants Tim Dahlberg John Olsson
Music Licensing Anders Engström/Picnic music publishing
Filmlab and Post Production Nordisk Film post production Stockholm
Co-producer Denmark Henrik Veileborg/Cosmo Film doc aps
Co-producer Finland Kimmo Paananen/Klaffi Productions
Associated Producers Beverly Gay Christian Wåhlberg 
Co-producer Sveriges Television, SVT Kultur/Vera Bonnier
Produced by Story AB

With support by
The Swedish Film Instituet / Tove Torbiörnsson The Nordic Film & TV Fond / Eva Færevaag 
The Danish Film Institute / Michael Haslund-Christensen The Finnish Film Foundation / 
Miia Haavisto The Swedish Arts Grants Committee The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency / The Department of Arts and Culture / The Swedish National Arts Council     
In association with ETV / Marje Jurtshenko NRK / Tore Tomter YLE Teema Ateljee / Outi Saarikoski 
DR / Flemming Grentz and Rainbow Circle Films
Produced by Jenny Örnborn Story AB
© 2009 Story AB and Sveriges Television AB

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