00-Baby Boom Child

An animated short film by Maja Lindström

On their way home by bike through a deserted industrial area, a mother and her son starts to talk about what happened when our dream of eternal economic growth collided with the peak in global oil production. In a dystopian but plausible picture of the near future, our children make us accountable for today’s irresponsible way of living.

Production facts:

Year of production: 2014
Format: DCP, Blu-ray
Duration: 24,30 min
Director: Maja Lindström
Producer: Maja Lindström
Executive Producers: Story/Tobias Janson & Göran Olsson
Script: Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén.
3D-Modeling, Animation; Lars Nordén.
Music Composer and Sound design: Per-Henrik Mäenpää.
Voices: Ingela Olsson, Anastasios Soulis.
Design, Facial animation, Lip Synk; Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén.
Sound mix: Per-Henrik Mäenpää.
Camera and editing: Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén.
Graphic Art: Maja Lindström.
Post production, Mastering: Lars Nordén.
Facts reviewer: Oscar Kjellberg
Research: Lars Nordén & Maja Lindström
Made with support from:
Swedish Film Institute (Andra Lasmanis),
Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden),
Film i Dalarna (Daniel Wallentin).

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