The Society of the Spectacle
A film by Göran Hugo Olsson and Roxy Farhat An engrossing and humorous adaptation of Guy Debord’s 1967 essay La Société du Spectacle, unpacking the fucktangular dynamics of alienation, powerlessness and emptiness under the tr(i)ump(h) of capitalism and information technology. Today, the divine act of consuming things we do not need has gone beyond a […]
A film by Emily Norling
A film by Mia Engberg
The Village of Roses
A film by Hanna Heilborn
A film by Tove Pils
A film by Neil Wigardt
A film by Annika Fredriksson
Miski & Bianca
A film by Annika Fredriksson
A House Made of Splinters
A film by Simon Lereng Wilmont
A film by Salad Hilowle
Night Shift
A film by Lia Hietala and Hannah Reinikainen
I Must Away
A film by Dennis Harvey
A film by David Aronowitsch

The premier run continues with four films at CPH:DOX!

The festival spring continues with CPH:DOX and we can once again present a cavalcade of premieres! Göran Hugo Olsson and Roxy Farhat’s long-awaited La Société du Spectacle is selected for the New Vision Competition, the section for works in the field between film and art. The hybrid documentary Megaheartz by Emily Norling will have it’s world premier in the Next Wave Competition, where innovative films by emerging directors meets and audience. Labor by Tove Pils and Hypermoon by Mia Engberg are selected for the Nordic competition and will receive their international premiere at CPH:DOX. Finally – Our Love by Lia Hietala and Hannah Reinikainen has been selected to CPH:FORUM and will be pitched during the festival.

Director: Emily Norling
Producer: Melissa Lindgren
Megaheartz is a film that is boiling, leaking and bursting. It takes place in the energy right before something breaks. Four unpredictable and visually intense stories about wanting to restart your life.

Director: Göran Hugo Olsson and Roxy Farhat
Producer: Tobias Janson and Melissa Lindgren
A visual and humorous adaptation of Guy Debord’s 1967 legendary essay La Société du Spectacle, unpacking the fucktangular dynamics of alienation, powerlessness and emptiness under the tr(i)ump(h) of capitalism and information technology.

Director: Mia Engberg
Producer: Tobias Janson
Director Mia receives a life-changing announcement and begins a journey into her own history. We also follow the astronaut’s lonely journey through space and the aging gangster Vincent who makes a surprising find in his basement.

Director: Tove Pils
Producer: Melissa Lindgren
Hanna leaves her family and girlfriend to go to the San Francisco of her dreams. Here she hopes to explore her sexuality and soon meets the professional dominatrix Chloe and escort Cyd. A door to a new world opens for Hanna. Together with Chloe and Cyd, she begins a dizzying journey that takes her further and further away from life and family in Sweden.

March 15, 2023