The Wave

A short film by Hanna Heilborn

After divorcing the 40-years old filmmaker decides having some fun, learning how to surf. Along on the adventure she brings a camera and her 5 years old son. Their journey quickly becomes deadly serious. With a broken nose, a twisted knee and when almost no money left our anti-heroine is just about to give up. Seven years of struggles though makes her reach the goal, to catch clean waves. This adventure is a black comedy taking us from Sweden to Costa Rica, via the Canary Islands to Portugal. All about a middle-aged woman trying to maneuver the waves of the Ocean as much as life itself.

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Production facts:

Year of production: 2015
Format: short documentary (19 min), DCPPal and DCPNTSC
With the support by: Swedish Filminstitute/Tove Torbiörnsson, Cecilia Lidin 
In co-production with: Sveriges Television AB/Helena Ingelsten, Andrea Östlund 
Producer: Story AB/Hanna Heilborn 

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