A film by Neil Wigardt

Emma meets a gang of high schoolers at a forest rave. Roaming from one party to another, she becomes part of the group in their search for new highs and their place in the world. Blomster is an associative, hallucinatory and fun film where we get to be part of their community, if only for one night.

Production facts:
Producer: Malin Hüber
Executive producer: Tobias Janson
With: Savanna Hanneryd, Liam Aguilar Castillo, Ali Sharif, 
Santiago Martinez Serna, Agnes Berg, Moa Ulfhjelm Boström, Saint Toll Wood, Amber Mastracci
Graphic design:Tobias Kingstedt
Wardrobe: Sigrid Sirén
Casting: Mika Gustafson, Lia Hietala, Elin Strôm
Animations: Lola Zoido
Poetry by: Nadia Maghder
Sound design and mix: Viggo Dyst
Editing: Neil Wigardt
Camera: Lia Hietala, Neil Wigardt, Jo Widerberg
Directors Assistant: Hanna Reinikainen Bergenman
Story consultant: Arazo Arif
In co-production with: HER Film 
Made with support from: STHLM Debut

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