Suburban Songs

A feature film by Mia Engberg

Suburban Songs (165 Hässelby) is a film about Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and “Dino” who live in the high-rise blocks around Hässelby Gård. This is a film about wanting to change the world; about painting graffiti although you might end up in jail; about dealing with Swedish authorities when you don’t speak Swedish that well; and about being expelled from school because you have ADHD. But above all, this is an homage to the suburbs ofStockholm, and to the people who live there.

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Production facts:

Year: 2005
Duration: 58 min
Director: Mia Engberg
Camera: Malin Korkeasalo, EwaCederstam, Göran Olsson
Editing: Eva Hillström, Daniel Jonsäter, Mia Engberg
Producer: Jenny Örnborn, Story AB
With the support of:: The Swedish Film Institute/Hjalmar Palmgren, SVT Documentary Dept. Björn Arvas, Nordic Film & TV Fund/ Eva Færevaag, NRK
Production Company: Story AB

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