Bitch & Butch

A short film by Mia Engberg.

Behind the scenes of Selma & Sofie. We follow the collaboration and discussions behind the scenes of the erotic film Selma & Sofie. Sara and Camilla – who play the leading parts – come from a small place in the north of Sweden, and have never done anything like this before.

Rent/buy on Vimeo On Demand. Language: Swedish. No subtitles.

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Production facts:

Production year: 2003
Duration: 45 min
Director: Mia Engberg and Nanna Huolman
Camera: Nanna Huolman, Sara Swanson
Sound: Sara Swansson,Marie-Louise Nilebrink
Editing: Eva Hillström
Producer: Lotta Suarez
With the support of: The Swedish Film Institute, SVT Documentary Dept. Björn Arvas Production Company: Story AB

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