A film by Salad Hilowle

BALL is an investigative and humorous film about the supporting roles of football. What happens when you turn the camera beyond the pitch? We get caught up in rituals among judges and linemen, follow the zealous accuracy of the material and that of the photographers looking for the perfect image. We study the audience up close, big and small emotions build a mood at least as exciting as what happens on the pitch.

On site in a football arena, we get to follow a match from different points of view but we never see the ball. A consideration of everything that happens around at a football game.

Production facts:

Directed by: Salad Hilowle
Produced by: Melissa Lindgren, Story AB
Co-produced by: SVT / Helena Ingelsten and Ina Holmqvist
Cinematography: Neil Wigard and Salad Hilowle
Editing: Neil Wigardt
Music: Neil Wigard and Salad Hilowle
Length: 06.40 min

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