A feature film by Sophie Vuković

When filmmaker Sophie Vuković runs into a long-lost friend at a demonstration, it stirs up memories that take her on a trip through time and place on the path of her own experiences of migration. From former Yugoslavia via Australia to Sweden today, weaving personal documentary footage with the fiction of memories and dreams, Shapeshifters is poetic exploration of what it means to belong in a globalized world. A film about feeling nostalgic for a home you never experienced. About friendship, desire, and how you build new forms of belonging that are not defined by national borders.

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Production facts:

Year of production: 2017
Format: HD/16:9
Running time: 75 minutes (58 min TV version)
Language: Swedish, English, Serbo-Croatian (English subtitles)
Director: Sophie Vuković
Producers: Tobias Janson & Göran Hugo Olsson
Cinematography: Iga Mikler & Sophie Vuković
Editing: Britta Norell, Sophie Vuković & Hannah Reinikainen Bergenman
Music: Ana "Gnučči" Rab & Erin "Nire" Cooney
Colorist: Nanna Dalunde
Sound editing & mix: Mario Adamson
Graphic Design: Bastion- Studio Agency Lab

Marija Knežević Vuković
Ratko Vuković
Milena Dawit
Fatima Fined
Vanessa Gashi
Hoodo Mohamud Harbi
Nergz Mohedin Jarwalli
Teodora Kraljević
Vendela Noyan

Produced by Story AB

With support from

The Swedish Film Institute/Antonio Russo Merenda
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
DR-K/Fleming Hedegaard
UR/Susanne Folkesson
Film Stockholm/Filmbasen Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin 
Co-production: Monica Hellström/Final Cut For Real


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