A fragment of a life in four scenes

A short film by David Aronowitsch

Liban lives with his younger siblings and mother in Stockholm. Unexpectedly his older cousin whom he never met before appears. Liban’s father, who lives in USA, says that he has to help his cousin, Dahir, and see him as his brother. Liban starts to ask him questions while at the same time filming him.Göran Hugo Olsson

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Göteborg International Film Festival/ Startsladden 2016
Svensk Kortfilm c/o Folkets Bio, April 2016
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Oct. 2016

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Production facts:

Year: 2016
Genre: Short fiction
Duration: 14 min. & 30 sec.
Cast: Ahmed Hamud Obsiye (Dahir), Abdirahman Ali Hersi (Liban), Ahmed Abdullahi (Liban’s father)
Director and writer: David Aronowitsch
Co-writer, 1st assistant director and casting. Sharmarke Binyusuf
Director of photography: Erik Vallsten
Additional camera: Abdirahman Ali Hersi
Special advisor and 2nd assistant director: Ahmed Abdullahi
Sound: Christian Rossipal
Graphics: Stefania Malmsten
Production manager: Elin Eriksson
Sound editing and mix: Robert Sörling
Sound mix: Claes Lundberg
Grading: Martin Steinberg
Compositing: Johan Rosenberg
Casting: Abdiwale Mohamud Ali
Translation: Idil Mohamud Gurey
Executive producers: Annika Rogell, Tobias Jansson
Producer: David Aronowitsch
Story AB
Kocksgatan 31
S-116 24 Stockholm/ Sweden
Tel. +46-8-15 62 80
email: david@story.se

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