G – 21 scenes from Gottsunda

Gottsunda is one of Europe’s most drug infested areas and considered one of Sweden’s most dangerous suburbs, a so called ‘no-go-zone’. It is also the childhood home of our main character Loran Batti. Loran is an aspiring filmmaker who is striving to move from Gottsunda and start his career but is hesitant to leave his childhood friends behind, the only people that truly understands him. As the film progresses the friction between Loran and his friends grows stronger. They are active criminals while Loran has chosen another path for himself. He is trying to remember what it was like during the 90’s when they all grew up while battling the reality of anytime getting that call. That call from a crying mother about a lost brother. 

G takes us behind the media’s narrow reflection of the violent suburb and gang violence in Sweden and into the community who lives the reality of Gottsunda. An unfiltered glimpse into our everyday life of conflict, community, fraternity and exclusion.

Production facts:

Writer and Director: Loran Batti

Producers: Göran Hugo Olsson and Melissa Lindgren

Co-producer: Victor Cunha

Co-producer Film i Väst: Kristina Börjeson

Co-producer SVT: Helena Ingelste and Saam Kapadia

Cinematographer: Loran Batti

Editor: Andreas Jonsson Hay

Composer: Johan Carøe

Composer opening score: Leo Goldmann

Sound Design and Mix: Anders Ankerstjerne

Graphic Design: Sepidar Hosseini

Colorist: Kajsa Kiuttu

Post producer: Vincent Larsson

Post Coordinator: Malin Wern

Delivery: Ricard Schmidt

Mastering: John Olsson

Dramaturge: Bikkie Samson

Analog film Advisor: Jamie Noakes

Armorer: Anders Lexne

Production Advisor: Saman Hosseini

Production Assistant: Zahraa Aldoujaili

English Translation: Dennis Harvey and Issraa Elkogali Häggström

Production Accountant Sweden: Helene Forssell

Production Accountant Denmark: Lise Krogsgaard, Krogsgaard Medie Regnskab

Productions Audit Sweden:  Miralem Omerovic, Linda El-Zein / DeltaRevision

Production Audit Denmark:  Ulrik Dahl, JS Revision

Executive Co-productions Film i Väst: Jenny Luukkonen

Contracts officer Film i Väst: Richard Sandblom

Produced with support from

The Swedish Film Institute / Cecilia Lidin and Anna Weitz

Danish Film Institute / Frank Piasecki Poulsen

Nordisk Film and Tv Fond / Karolina Lidin

Göteborg stad

Region Uppsala

In collaboration with

DR / Anders Bruusin

Co-production with

Monolit Film

Film i väst


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