A film by Tove Pils

Hanna leaves her family and girlfriend behind to go to the city of her dreams, San Francisco, where she hopes to explore her sexuality. Soon she meets the professional dominatrix Chloe and Cyd, who works as an escort for gay men. A door into a new world opens up for Hanna, and together with Chloe and Cyd, she begins a journey which takes her further and further away from her life and family in Sweden.

The director Tove Pils has been documenting the lives of Hanna, Chloe and Cyd for over a decade. Through an intimately present camera, a queer community that challenges the view of sex and work is explored. Hanna’s striking emotional journey is intertwined with her friends’ stories and creates a patchwork of a group of people who have found their home in each other.

Production facts:
Production facts 
Writer and director: Tove Pils
Producer: Melissa Lindgren
Executive producer: Mia Engberg
With: Hanna, Cyd, Chloe
Hanna's voice: Nina Jeppsson
Cinematography: Tove Pils
Additional footage: Sara Lindquist
Editing: Andreas Jonsson Hay, Tove Pils
Sound design and mix: David Gülich
Music: Kent Olofsson
Grade: Johan Eklund, Good Film and Post
Graphic design: Stina Sandström, Bureau Bonanza
Made with support from: The Swedish Film Institute / Anna Weitz, Cecilia Lidin and Klara Nilsson Grunning
Göteborgs stad / Ulf Sigvardson
Västra Götalandsregionen / Dan Fröberg
In co-production with: Film i Väst / Kristina Börjesson and Jenny Luukkonen

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