A film by Emily Norling

Megaheartz is a hybrid documentary that takes you on an inward trip, following four intersecting stories about love and madness. There is Emma, who obsesses about her former lover Ernie. He wants her to come to Ibiza and leave everything behind. Sofie, who holds onto a souvenir that ties her to the past. Jaquline, who bounces between rehab and TheGrandHotel. Her recurring question is – why do we destroy ourselves to the extent that we are reborn again?We also meet the director Emily, who receives a phonecall from her grandmother that forces her to revisit a house somewhere in the back of her memory.

Megaheartz is a film that is boiling, leaking and bursting. It takes place in the energy right before something breaks. An unpredictable and visually intense expression about wanting to restart your life.

Just let go and give in to the turmoil of your own mind.

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Production facts:

Written and Directed by Emily Norling
With Emma Broomé, Bambi Jaquline Ronneklew, Sofie Bridgman-Williams
Producer: Melissa Lindgren
Co-Producers: Ellen Ugelstad Tonje Alice Madsen Twentyone Pictures
Director of Photography: Milja Rossi
Additional Photography: Emily Norling
Editor: Neil Wigardt
Original Score: Eartheater
Artistic Advisor: Sara Stridsberg
Sound Design And Mix: Anna Nilsson
Music Supervisor: Neil Wigardt
Graphic Design: Slobodan Sivic
Grade: Fredrik Harreschou
Produced With The Support From The WSwedish FIlm Institute / lara Nilsson Grunning, Film Region Värmland / Dahyu Hashimi, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
In Co-Production With Twenty-one Pictures,
Film Stockholm/Kristina Colliander and Rafael Franco

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