Babels Torn på Bobi Bar

A short film by Gabriella Bier.

A political dark comedy about today’s most contagious ideology – nationalism

The director’s uncle Dodo passes by Bobi Bar in central Copenhagen a couple of times a week to knock back a tomato juice or two. There he meets his ideological foe, Kaj, a Danish People’s Party man. They cannot stand one another, but are unable to resist each other’s company. ”Everybody else is afraid to talk to me, they stare mutely into their magazines, but Kaj, at least you talk, even though most of what you say is rubbish”, says Dodo. They argue over Muslims, Swedes and capitalism with equal amounts of hostility and humor. A political dark comedy about today’s most contagious ideology – nationalism.

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Production facts:

Length: 29 minutes 
Director: Gabriella Bier

Cinematographer: Albin Biblom

Editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel
Sound Editing: Anders Nyström
Graphic Art: Max Munck
, Frida Everling
Producer: Anna-Maria Kantarius
Executive Producer: Tobias Janson
Production company: Story AB

In co-production with: Sveriges Television

Supported by:The Swedish Film Institute/Cecilia Lidin, Tove Torbiörnsson, SVT/Lars Säfström, Konstnärsnämnden 

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