Watch Mia Engbergs Lucky One and an exclusive preview from her new project Black Bird

Cinemateket at Filmhuset in Stockholm are screening Mia Engbergs latest film Lucky One on Monday September the 20th at 6 pm. She will be there for a talk and will also show an exclusive clip from her new project Black Bird. The screening is a part of the Immemory series including films by Mallick, Duras, Varda, Tarkovskij and Marker. Get a ticket now!

September 16, 2021


The Society of the Spectacle
A film by Göran Hugo Olsson and Roxy Farhat An engrossing and humorous adaptation of Guy Debord’s 1967 essay La Société du Spectacle, unpacking the fucktangular dynamics of alienation, powerlessness and emptiness under the tr(i)ump(h) of capitalism and information technology. Today, the divine act of consuming things we do not need has gone beyond a […]
A film by Annika Fredriksson
A film by Emily Norling
A film by Mia Engberg
The Village of Roses
A film by Hanna Heilborn
A film by Tove Pils
A film by Neil Wigardt
Miski & Bianca
A film by Annika Fredriksson
A House Made of Splinters
A film by Simon Lereng Wilmont
A film by Salad Hilowle
Night Shift
A film by Lia Hietala and Hannah Reinikainen