Swedish Theatrical Premiere for The Distant Barking of Dogs – Olegs barndom

Danish-Swedish-Finnish co-production The Distant Barking of Dogs has its release in Swedish cinemas this weekend under the Swedish title Olegs barndom.

The film is premiering in Sweden with great reviews. Be sure to catch it in cinemas in one of the 12 cities where it shows this weekend.

Olegs barndom/The Distant Barking of Dogs has travelled the international festival circuit with an unprecedented haul of awards, among them: Best First Appearance – IDFA 2017, Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary – Göteborg Film Festival 2018, Golden Alexander Award och FIPRESCI Award – Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2018, McBaine Documentary Feature Award – San Francisco Film Festival 2018, Best Documentary International Feature – It’s All True International Documentary Film Festival, Brasilien 2018, SOS-Documentary Film Prize och VIKTOR Main Competition Award – Dok.Fest München 2018, CineDoc Current Time Award – Tblisi 2018, Best International Film – DOCAVIV International Film Festival 2018, TV3 Award Best Documentary – DocsBarcelona 2018, Grand Pix Award Best Documentary – Oslo PIX 2018, The Grand Prix Award Best Documentary – EIDF, Seoul 2018, Audience Award – Nordic Panorama 2018.

December 20, 2018


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