In memory of Gabriella Bier Sandegård

Our dear friend and colleague Gabriella Bier Sandegård very tragically passed away recently. We are grateful to have known her, for having shared a goal in making documentaries about urgent matters, and for having collaborated for so long. She was truly a remarkable person both privately and professionally. We are especially fortunate to have been part of her very fine and sensitive film Love During Wartime, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2011.

Please watch Gabriella’s film Love During Wartime on Vimeo below.

About the film
The recently married couple Jasmin and Assi are forced to live separated. She lives in Berlin, he in Ramallah. They desperately want to make a life together, but it proves to be an impossible task. When an Israeli marries a Palestinian, they are beyond security offered to other members of society and at every turn they are faced with a Catch 22 situation. Israeli bureaucracy filled with suspicion and a menacing Palestinian society makes their life a nightmare.

July 28, 2020


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