A House Made of Splinters to be screened in support of Ukraine

In support of Ukraine, Göteborg Film Festival teams up with Story, Draken Film and Folkets Bio to host screenings of Simon Lereng Wilmont’s festival winner A House made of Splinters, set in a children’s home in Eastern Ukraine. The screenings will take place in cinemas throughout Sweden and online via Göteborg Film Festival’s streaming service, Draken Film. All takings from the screenings will go in full to the organisation Voices of Children in Ukraine. 

During the 2022 Göteborg Film Festival, Simon Lereng Wilmont’s film A House Made of Splinters received the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary. Set in a children’s home in Eastern Ukraine, the film is a heartbreaking yet hopeful documentary depicting a society strongly affected by the war in its vicinity. Simon Lereng Wilmont’s last film The Distant Barking of Dogswas also praised as the best documentary at the Göteborg Film Festival in 2018, and is about Oleg and his grandmother Alexandra who lives at the front line of the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Director Simon Lereng Wilmont urges the world to support the aid organization Voices of Children, which is working to help children and their families in war-torn Ukraine. Lereng Wilmont also worked closely with Voices of Children in the production of A House Made of Splinters.

“Both of my films takes place near the front line of the war in eastern Ukraine so I spent roughly 6 years going back and forth. I have meet so many amazing people over these years and have made a lot of personal close friends from the region. It is absolutely horrible what Putin is doing to Ukraine and its people at the moment and I am especially concerned for all the children who are caught up in this terrible war. I therefore appeal and urge everyone to donate to the NGOs still working in the country. The Organisation Voices of Children who takes care of children suffering due to the war. I am personally donating to them and I hope you will consider doing the same. Every little bit helps.” says Simon Lereng Wilmont.

Göteborg Film Festival, production company Story, Folkets Bio (which distributes A House Made of Splinters in Sweden), Draken Film and a number of cinemas around Sweden are organising screenings of A House Made of Splinters in support of Voices of Children. Starting Friday 4 March, the screenings will take place in cinemas and online through Göteborg Film Festival’s streaming service Draken Film.

All takings from the screenings will go in full to the Voices of Children. Göteborg Film Festival and Draken Film will also match all the takings from the streamed Draken Film screenings by donating the same amount, and we encourage viewers to make additional donations. Right now, even small sums can make a big difference in Ukraine.

March 1, 2022


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