Miski & Bianca

A film by Amiin Madar

Their friendship is crucial for Miski and Bianca, two hard-working women who have found each other in the male-dominated martial arts world. Together, they organize bootcamps in Stockholm suburbs to attract more women to the sport. Miski wants to see Somali girls own more space and single mother Bianca is training hard to cope as an elite athlete. A European Championship tournament in Brazilian jujutsu awaits around the corner and daughter Awa will see her mother compete for the first time. Miski tags along to Italy to pep Bianca during one of her toughest matches so far.

Production facts:

Directed by: Amiin Madar
Cinematographer: Siri Pårup & Amiin Madar
Additional footage: Liban Abshir
Editor: Neil Wigardt & Amiin Madar
Sound Engineer: Heaven Feday, Zamir Zaakin & Liban Abshir
Sound design: Claes Lundberg
Graphic design: Arvid Ullberg
Grade: Peter Magnusson
Music: Naz Shoval, Kenta Saito & Nassim Jebari
Made with support from the Swedish Film Institue / Anna Weitz 
Co-production: SVT / Axel Arnö
Produced by: David Aronowitsch, Story AB

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