Love During Wartime

A feature film by Gabriella Bier

The recently married couple Jasmin and Assi are forced to live separated. She lives in Berlin, he in Ramallah. They want desperately to make a life together but it proves to be an impossible task. When an Israeli marries Palestinian they are beyond security offered to other members of society at every turn they are faced with a Catch 22 situation. Israeli bureaucracy filled with suspicion and a menacing Palestinian society makes their life a nightmare.

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Swedish cinema release January, 2012.

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Production facts:

Length: 92 minute feature length, 56 min tv version
Director: Gabriella Bier
Music: El Perro del Mar
Cinematographer: Albin Biblom
Editors: Dominika Daubenbüchel, Thomas Lagerman
Sound Editing: Nicolai Linck
Grafic Art: Max Munck
Producers: Tobias Janson, Jenny Örnborn
Executive Producers: Göran Olsson och David Aronowitsch
Production company: Story AB
In co-production with: Louise Køster/Pausefilm Aps, Tanja Meding, Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen/Jesper Bergom-Larsson
Supported by:The Swedish Film Institute/Lisa Ohlin, Tove Torbiörnsson, SIDA, EU Media Plus Slate Funding, SVT/Axel Arnö, YLE/Jenny Westergård
North American Distribution: 7th Art Releasing

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